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Inside Outdoors!

Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan are the hosts. Talk about the weather to start with, winter storm warning today, question to Buddy Bill about raising chickens, Bill describes what you need to get a coup going! Our guest, Chip Helm arrives in the studio, talk about his two books ‘Bigger than Sales’, and ‘Everyday Sales Wisdom For Your Life and Career’, Chip and Bill talk about how ‘sales’ is something everyone does without knowing it, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, also growing up in an earlier time of the century in how we treat people, communication, and family, relationship building, talk about what distracts youth, and people nowadays, caller from Brown County calls in talking about his situation making sure his kids go outside, and how he fosters communication in his family, knowing your neighbors, generally how to be successful in life. We’d like to thank Chip Helm for coming in to the studio, and you can get his books at

Segment 1 / 1-19-19

Segment 2 / 1-19-19

Segment 3 /1-19-19

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