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Inside Outdoors!

Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan are the hosts. Buddy Bill is in Wyoming, so Don Jordan gives the Lake Monroe report, normal pool, and upper 70’s is the water temperature. Don mentions fishing activity from Lake Monroe, clear cutting in Middle Fork on Lake Monroe, an opportunity to talk about this issue with the ‘Friends of Lake Monroe’ at the Monroe County Public Library on Thursday, October 25th at 6pm, our guest Dr.  Bob Decker calls in from North Carolina, he’s the executive director of the Lefever Arms Collectors Association, the Lefever shotgun was the epitome of the American shotgun at the turn of the last century, starting in 1860 the Lefever Arms Company made sharpshooter rifles, eventually converting muzzle loading shotguns to breech loading shotguns, then going on to designing the ‘hammerless’ shotgun, a double barrel shotgun that was considered one of the best in the country at that time. In the last segment of the show, a caller asks about silt in lakes and reservoirs in Indiana, in regards to the upcoming clear cut, and general silting of lakes in general.

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