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8-11-2018  Inside Outdoors!

Buddy Bill, Rich Reardin, and Don Jordan are the hosts. Bill talks about the probe that has been rocketed out to gather info on our sun, the story behind Rockport road’s naming in the past, eating groundhog, more tomatoe woes, Renaissance Farms dropped of some varieties of tomatoes for Buddy Bill to taste, talk about the farmers market, the problems with our water in Lake Monroe, Buddy Bill’s take on the look of his water at his property, a caller from Brown County brings a solution to chlorinated water, question about otters and the law concerning trapping them, then talk about her property in Brown County, critters on her property, birds that are seen now and in the past in our local woods, another caller talks about songbirds and sightings, the Persiod meteor showers coming up this current weekend, news about the man who stole a plane in Seattle

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