Service Tips

“Jacque” & “Cousteau”
Service Tips

(note:) Have your model number of appliance ready when inquiring for parts or service.
Contact us if you need help in locating the number, or for any other questions!

The following tips are for informational purposes only.
You may want to try to use the advice on this page

to solve your problem before calling a repairman.
If the suggestion does not fix your problem, give us a call!


Dryer takes too long to dry
* Check your vent hose for possible blockage.

Ice Maker making hollow cubes or slivers

* Check water supply for lime buildup.

Electric Dryer not heating
* Check both fuses. The dryer may run but
not heat with only one good fuse.

Gas range not working properly

* Call for professional service, gas can be
VERY dangerous to work with.

Poor wash quality in dishwasher

* Rearrange dishes.
* Turn up the temperature on the water heater,
the soap will not react to cool water.
* Make sure you are using powder soap,
liquid soap does not clean as well as powder.

Water collects inside bottom of refrigerator
* Make sure your door seals are intact.
* Thaw your refrigerator out for a day, and then
clean out the drain from the freezer .

Refrigerator not cooling well
* Have you cleaned your condenser coils recently? The hot
coils underneath are necessary for dissipation of heat.

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